Client Comments

Dala Note From Amanda 2

” Peter, amazing, I love it! It sounds brilliant! More than I hoped for really. “

” We’ve been getting great feedback on the disc, and the production. You helped bring those tracks alive so thanks again. “

” Wow, you’re on the ball!! Had a good listen tonight, sounds fantastic. Really great, and so glad you’re doing this!

” I really appreciate your fine work and patience. After all the work I put in it’s gratifying to have it realized so well. “

” Just listened to Scott’s masters. They sound awesome.

” Wow! Really unbelievably satisfying!!!…I’m hearing where I would change my mixes more clearly from you master…Just your overall fatness and punch and clarity I have not heard come back from mastering before. “

” New master is perfect! “

” Hi Peter! Been listening to the master tons and I’m loving it! “

” Hey Peter,we got the cd’s back.They look and sound great!! “

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